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[Apr. 28th, 2009|11:17 pm]
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I was wondering if you guys could give me some suggestions for the best area to get an apartment, places that don't rip you off, somewhat safe (and reasonable), etc.

please & thank you :)

[User Picture]From: a_tiny_goat
2009-04-29 10:59 am (UTC)


I don't know of any specific places.. but I do know that when hunting for apartments, I have always used the following three sites to guide me: - you will get reviews of the various management companies by people who have lived in their buildings

craigslist - loads of apt listings - break down, block by block, of what is going on in whichever neighborhood you are considering (crime, businesses opening/closing, real estate transactions)
[User Picture]From: _say_goodnight
2009-04-30 05:51 pm (UTC)


yeah to add to the top, i consulted this map:
to look at places to NOT live by.