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Loyola University Chicago

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Loyola University Chicago LiveJournal Community

Loyola University Chicago, Lakeshore Campus


This community is primarily for students/almuni of Loyola and anyone else who is interested in the University.

If you just joined, go here to meet the rest of the members and don't forget to introduce yourself! We've also made our own virtual tour of Loyola here - feel free to add your own pictures too. Check out the memories section here for a continually updated FAQ based upon members questions and answers.

To find out building abbreviations and codes as well as on which campus a building is located, check here.

Loyola is on thefacebook.com, so sign up there if you want as well. And don't forget to check RateMyProfessors.com before registering for classes!

Welcome to all incoming freshmen and transfer students! This is a great place to ask all the questions you want and forgot to ask at orientation. Most the members are students and will respond in no time. Loyola is a great place, and you're bound to see us around campus, so feel free to say hi! Also this is a great place to plug Loyola and Loyola-related events you're involved or interested in. Go for it, but please be tasteful with posting images.

Special thanks to kitty48 for pictures used in the background.

co-moderators: bigbob007, ncc1701d, royb0t, virgoan, yourcaptain.

Note: All anonymous comments are now screened upon posting. Only moderators can unscreen those deemed appropriate (not offensive and relevant to the post). For regular members, any irrelevant/mean-spirited comments will lead to one warning; repeat offenses will lead to being banned from the community. Please visit this entry and this entry for further clarification and to comment on the policy. We apologize for the inconvenience, as it is the result of a few trying to spoil it for the rest of us.

Loyola University Chicago